C  O  O  L       A  I  R

Newsletter of Air ‘Vair, the CORSA Chapter for Air Conditioned Corvairs


Cool Air is Air ‘Vair’s own paper newsletter mailed free to paid-up members every quarter, complete with (black-and-white) pictures in most issues!


Since Air ‘Vairs is a “virtual” chapter with no geographic delimitation, the newsletter was once the main contact between the chapter and most of its members. For those members who don’t participate in our Yahoo Group Air ‘Vair forum, this remained the case in 2007 (most of them never see this Web page, either, for the same reasons).


So, by 2007, the emphasis in the newsletter shifted to trying to form an “archive” for members—the paper (or digital) embodiment of some information about air-conditioned Corvairs that you would want to keep for future (offline) reference. While this in turn has led to a generally technical theme, with each issue focusing on only one narrow topic very deeply, now and then the editor persuades a member somewhere to send in photos and a story describing that member’s air ‘Vair and sometimes how he made it that way, and when that happens, that’s the subject of the next issue.


Further connecting members with each other, every year or so Cool Air undertakes a survey of the membership on one (technical) issue or another, and the newsletter then tabulates the results, reports them, and tries to make some kind of sense of them. Something for everybody—everybody who has or wants an air-conditioned Corvair, that is.


Continuing with the “archive” thrust of the newsletter, Air ‘Vairs is pleased to present here some of Cool Air’s back issues, some of which contain technical tips available nowhere else. You’ll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read these files.


Summer 2005: Restore Your Compressor Cut-Out Switch

Fall 2005: Rattling Late-Model Dashboards

Winter 2006: Survey: How Do We Do It?

Spring 2006: Survey results

Summer 2006: Member Report on Installing Clark’s A/C System

Fall 2006: Keeping It Idling

Winter 2007: Anti-Vibration Compressor Mounting

Spring 2007: Stock Center Vent for Late Models

Summer 2007: Head-to-Head:  Delco A-6 vs Sanden SD-508 Compressors

Fall 2007: Uncool at Lower Speeds: The Blower-Motor Resistor Pack

Winter 2008: Changing Lubricant Wick in Delco A-6 Compressor

Spring 2008: Adding Condenser Fan to Stock Systems

Summer 2008: Ducting Engine Induction for Cooler Air

Fall 2008: Late-Model Blower-Selector Switch

Winter 2009: Wiring Harnesses

Spring 2009:: Wiring Harnesses Details and Corrections