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Prairie Capital Corvair Association, PCCA, is a group of Corvair owners and enthusiasts dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of the Corvair automobile. PCCA has been a sanctioned chapter of CORSA ,the Corvair Society of America since 1977. PCCA meets regularly on the second Saturday of each month at the Rochester, IL Community Center.

Contact PCCA at or snail mail to P.O. Box 954, Springfield, IL 62705

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The 3nd Annual Corvair Musuem Classic -- Corvair, Next Generation -- was held May 18-22, 2021  in Springfeild Illinois.

Mini Results and Rally answers are posted here  2021 Mini Convention Results

For more information visit the 2021 Mini Convention

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Bi-Annual By-Law Review Documnets. Current PCCA's dated 07-01-2020 2020 By-laws in pdf format.

new link -- May 2017, 1960 Sedan in England - formerly Bob Nicholson's all original sedan. 60 Sedans in England
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Calendar of Events and Meetings

Meeting Location will be the Corvair Museum. Take exit 88 from I-55, from either direction, head west turn right if you are traveling south on I-55, left if traveling north. Follow the road as it curves to the left, south. Go straight at the stop light (turning right takes you to Chatham). The Museum is 1.3 miles from the stop light on the right hand side just past the Double J campgrounds. The building was the location of Elite Classic Cars a few years ago.

2022 PCCA Calendar

Sept 29 - Oct 3, 2022 Great Plains Corvair Round-Up Hosted by the Heart of America Corvair Assn. Stoney Creek Hotel in St Joseph Missouri. Just 4 hours west of the Corvair Museum along I-72/US36 a nice 4 lane round across northern Missouri. Expect Car Show, Concours, vendors and lots of other activities.

Oct 8, 2022, PCCA Meeting 1:00-3:00 pm. LOCATION: Ace Sign Co Museum in Springfield. Separate meeting room, RT66 Signs, Club Hosts are Bill and Shelby Berta Ace sign Museum Tour starts at 1:00PM Business meeting immediately after Tour in the Break Room of Ace Sign Company. Please RSVP to Bill Berta by Oct 6, 2022 Directions are in the newsletter as is Bill's contact information

November12, 2022 PCCA Meeting 2:00-4:00 pm. LOCATION: the CPF Museum in Glenarm

December 10, 2022 PCCA Holiday Get together. Location: Open to Suggestions, Ideas, Planning.

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The Chevrolet Corvair

Simply A Fun Car to Drive.

Corvair Travel Tips in pdf format.


PCCA Member Corvairs - Pictures !

  • July 10, 2010 LLCC Autox Pictures LLCC Springfield Illinois
  • Oct 18, 2008 Autox Pictures Rantoul Illinois


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    Cathy Pivonka's web page. More pictures of that 1960 coupe

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    Download a copy of PCCA's By-laws in pdf format. Left Click to view. Right Click to save a copy to your computer. By-Laws are dated 10-08-2014

    Contact PCCA at or snail mail to P.O. Box 954, Springfield, IL 62705

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    The FlatSix Editor rambles. Disclaimer, the following is Tim's opinion and not necessarily those of the Club.

    The Corvair was introduced in the fall of 1959 as an economy, family car. Period ads toted its air cooled engine, four wheel independent suspension and fuel economy. Production ceased in 1969 after more than 1.7 million vehicles were produced and sold. The last 3 years produced fewer than 60,000 cars as GM had already conducted the Corvair's funeral.

    The Corvair could be said to have missed its market. As an economy car, the Ford Falcon and later the Chevy II were more accepted by the general public. The Corvair was too expensive to produce and its unconventional styling and engineering were too much to sway the economy minded.

    Contrary to reports by Ralph Nader, the car handles quite well. In 1971, the US Department of Transportation conducted tests that basically disproved what Nader wrote in his book, Unsafe at any Speed. The Chevy Corvair was not removed from the road because of this book, but because it so successfully inspired the creation of the pony cars - the Mustang, Camaro, GTO, Malibu SS and others as well as the compacts Nova, Falcon and others.

    However, as an European Style Sports car, the Corvair was an inspiration. In fact, the sporty Corvair Monza inspired the creation of the Mustang, which in turn inspired the Camaro, GTO, AMC and other muscle cars. Tell this to your friends the next time they sneer and ask "why do you drive a Corvair?"

    Sources: "The Corvair Decade" by Tony Fiore. "Corvair Affair" by Mike Knepper. Numerous Corvair Enthusiasts.


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