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Chapter 920 of the Corvair Society of America

Welcome to the Coyote Corvair Club of North San Diego County!

Our club was founded in the early 90's, to specifically address the needs of San Diego North County Corvair owners, and those interested in the Corvair cars, vans, and trucks. We held meetings and events, attended local car shows, and sponsored an annual regional Spring Fling. At one time we had 30-40 members, one coming from as far away as El Centro, and were quite an active club. The club fell on hard times around 2008, when a set of circumstances (many members moving out of the state, declining health preventing participating, etc.) suddenly reduced membership to single digit numbers. The club went dormant soon afterward.

Lately, there has been a resurgence of new people, that want to revive the club. The Coyote's reputation of being a fun club, has enticed a few key local Corvair people to want to work hard to make the club a success.

With our increasingly congested highways, it has become tougher to make it to car events further south in the county, or north of our area, as well.

We have some great Corvair assets to tap to make joining our club worthwhile:

  • We see an increasing number of Corvair owners in North county. The synergy from making it easier to get together to share information is vital. The neighboring small cities of North San Diego county comprise almost an isolated city unto itself. We are buffered by an ocean to the west, mountains to the east. Camp Pendleton to the north, and congested, almost always heavy rush hour traffic to the south. Most residents stay in this area, for almost everything.

  • Our club officers are here to help. Our president is a former foundling officer from Coyote. He will work toward a smooth transition to a revived club. Our vice-president owns an Oceanside Corvair repair facility. He eats, sleeps, and breathes Corvairs! He is anxious to hold instructional seminars at his shop, to help members improve the maintenance of their cars, and get more of them on the road. Our Secretary has a local business, as well, and sincerely wants the club to prosper.

  • The North County area is becoming more car club and car event active. Coyote wants to emphasize introducing new owners to the Corvair. It is a unique relatively low cost vehicle that has good parts suppliers, and can be a special show car, or a daily driver.

Our meetings will be the third Saturday of the month at 10 am.
Location: Seabirds Garage in Oceanside

We recommend our prospective members join the national Corvair organization, CORSA.
We also recommend they join our sister club, the San Diego Corvair Club, SDCC. All our current officers are members! SDCC enriches the Corvair experience to all the far-flung areas of the county.

As in the past, membership costs for Coyote will be very low or covered by merchandise sales.

For more information call Ron Durie at 760-519-3054. Because of all the spam calls today, please leave your name and number in a message, to be contacted.

for more information, please contact our President, Ron Durie.


Like many of our cars, this site is a work in progress.

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