Below are pictures from our events that were held in 2019.  The most recent event is at the top of the page.

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September 2019 Meeting

Our September meeting was held at Fricano's on Alpine. We participated in their Tuesday night cruise night and things got a little wet.

2019 Red Barns Spectacular

A few of us from WMCC attended the annual Red Barns Spectacular at Gilmore Car Museum.

July Meeting

Our July meeting was our annual summer picnic which was hosted by Bob Muir at his cottage on Lake Michigan.

June Meeting

For our June meeting we participated in the annual Father’s Day car show at Charlton Park in Hastings. Well at least six of us tried to participate. The weather was miserable and wet and we didn’t last long. Scott Olivier managed to capture a few pictures.

Spring Dust Off

Our Spring Dust Off was held on Saturday, May 18. We toured the lakeshore starting in Holland and working our way down to South Haven. Along the way, we stopped at a few antique stores. While perusing the antique stores, we had a list of items we had to find for a scavenger hunt. The winner was Marilyn Dykwell who found 47 of the 50 items that were on the list.

2019 Zoup Off

The annual Zoup Off was held on February 16 in the community room at Rockford Ambulance. We had eight soups and six desserts to judge. All of the soups tasted excellent and it was hard to pick a winner. After a tie-breaker ballot, Becky Lectka’s White Russian soup was declared the winner. Second place went to Mary Ridderman. In the dessert category, Marilyn Dykwell took top honors with her Crispy Coconut Creamers. Second place went to Cheryl Ziebarth.

After the judging was done, we awarded the annual Member of the Year award. WMCC members get points for every event that they attend with their cars including club meetings, club shows, other car shows, etc. The winner for 2018 was Reggie Stroebe! Congratulations Reggie!

Up next was the Bob’s Discount Furniture 500. A slot car track was set up and we ran single elimination heats until we got down to the final two - Doug Lectka and Reggie Strobe. Doug ended up being the big winner.

 The West Michigan Corvair Club is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan but we cover the western side of Michigan.  We are chapter #495 of the Corvair Society of America.