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Rules for Drivers & Vehicles

To participate in one of our performance driving events, you and your vehicle will be subject to comprehensive rules for safety and driver protocol.

Click HERE for NECC Rule Book. For Time Trials, Autocross & Drag Racing. Our rules for Time Trials will be in effect for all high performance driving events on sports car racing circuits.

Click HERE for a sample Tech Inspection Form.  You will receive your official copy after you pay the event registration fee.

Click HERE for recommended roll bar specifications for convertibles NOT equipped equipped with factory roll bars.
(Applies to open-top cars entered in high performance driving events on sports car racing circuits).

Comments, suggestions and questions are welcome.  Please address input to Ray Zabinski, NECC Vice President at

Other NECC Policy Documents

Click HERE for NECC Refund Policy!

Click HERE for NECC transponder usage guide!

Typically, we use stop watch timing for our time trials, but sometimes we use transponders.  Please refer to our Announcements page to determine the timing method that will be in effect at a given event.