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Interviews with Drivers

What is it like to drive with NECC?  How well organized are NECC events?  How much track time will I get?  Will I get what I paid for?  Will I have fun?  One of our club members, Bill Tynan, conducted and recorded interviews with some of our customers to get answers to these and other questions.  With their permission, we present the following quotes and audio clips right here, so you can listen to what they said about us.  The clips are in MP3 format.

"I know what it takes to put on events. They do a great job running the show. It's a casual, fun atmosphere."...  Dave Burnham, who's run a Maserati BiTurbo  with NECC at Lime Rock, Mosport, BeaverRun, Waterford Hills and Summit Point.  Click HERE for NECC's full interview with Dave. (Length: 4 minutes)

"I brought 7 or 8 people with me from an EVO club and everyone had a fantastic time!"...  Ed Goldsmith, who's run an EVO and Miata with NECC at Pocono and Lime Rock. Click HERE for NECC's full interview with Ed. (Length: 5 minutes) 

"I've always had a great time. Events are extremely well run. It's a great bunch of guys and I plan on going to their events again this year."...Tom Hughes, attendee of NECC events at Summit Point, BeaverRun, and N.J. Motorsports Park.  Click HERE for NECC's full interview with Tom. (Length: 4 minutes)

"NECC does a real good job organizing these things and conducting them. You get a lot of track time. You find out with a little practice you can get around a race course a little faster than you thought!"...  Rick Norris, first national President of CORSA who's run his V8 Corvair and custom Sunoco Yenko Corvair with NECC at 6 events.  Click HERE for NECC's full interview with Rick.  (Length: 27 minutes)

"NECC makes it so easy. I think they do a real good job. I've never heard anybody complain they didn't get enough track time."...  Smitty, veteran Corvair builder and racer who's run with NECC at many tracks.  Click HERE for our full interview as Smitty reflects on Corvair racing, his track car 'Spike', and running with NECC. (Length: 28 minutes)

"Everybody is open, welcoming and supportive regardless of what car you have; make, model or engine."...  Dave Fanning, who has run with NECC at Lime Rock and Pocono in his Fiero with a supercharged 3.8 liter V6.