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What Should I Expect?

A typical NECC event consists of a full day of high-performance driving at the designated track.  The sequence of events presented below is typical but there may be exceptions.  We publish an Event Guide on this website for each and every event.  Refer to it to see the official schedule.

High Performance Driving with Time Trials.  Approx. 7 AM to 5 PM.

1.  Registration.  Drivers fill out necessary forms and pay required entry fees.  Drivers are assigned to one of three practice groups, based on their cars and experience.  At tracks where electronic timing is available, drivers rent and install transponders on their cars.

2.  Tech Inspection.  All cars must pass tech inspection.  Seat belts required for all cars and roll bars required for all convertibles.  Mufflers required at some tracks.  Snell-rated helmets required for all track events.

3.  Mandatory Drivers Meeting.   A review of track rules, flagging, corner work assignments and hints for negotiating the course.

4.  Group Practice Sessions.  Drivers are assigned to either Group A, Group B or Group C,  Each group goes out on the track for its own twenty-minute practice session, one group at a time, to get a feel for the track.  After that, it's Open Track.

5.  Open Track:  After the group practice sessions are over, any driver can drive on the track any time until timings begin.  Passing generally not permitted except on straight-aways.

6.  Lunch break.

7.  Open Track.  More open track driving in the afternoon.  Continues until time trials begin.

8.  Time Trials (Official Timed Laps).  Timings begin later in the afternoon.  Each car gets 1 warm-up lap, 2 timed laps & 1 cool-down lap.  During the timings, only two or three cars are allowed on the track at any given moment.  After timed laps, drivers return transponders (where applicable).

Have a brochure!

Click right here to download a copy of the NECC High Speed Events brochure!  (It's a pdf file).