Western Pennsylvania Corvair Club

CORSA Chapter 158, Established 1973






About CORSA...

The Corvair Society of America was founded in 1969 as a means to keep Corvair enthusiasts connected when vehicle production ended that year.

CORSA's long range goal is to support the continued enjoyment, appreciation, and historical significance of the Corvair.

 Simply put, if you're part of CORSA, you're part of something special.  CORSA offers knowledge, friendships, event insurance, even its own 501c3 non-profit arm, the Corvair Preservation Foundation.

 Today, after more than 50 years, CORSA remains one of the largest single marque car clubs in the world.  We've got over 3,000 members, 100+ local chapters worldwide, our Corvair Museum along historic Route 66 outside Springfield, IL, an annual convention, and an active social media presence.

If you're into Corvairs, check us out!  Visit our website, Facebook and Instagram pages for more info.







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