Western Pennsylvania Corvair Club

CORSA Chapter 158, Established 1973






WPCC publishes our award-winning chapter newsletter,

The Vair Street Journal, every other month or more.

The VSJ is our go-to document for the most updated schedule of events and whatever else we're up to.  Active chapter members receive a copy of the latest VSJ as soon as it's published.  Non-members are welcome to browse through our past issues below.


The VSJ Archives...This rare archive collection contains scanned versions of original Vair Street Journal printed newsletters.  There's some great stuff in here!


These issues have been scanned "as is" from the available original copies - some are in better condition than others.  For best results, we recommend you download issues to your computer - they will open as PDF files and you can then use Adobe Reader's "Rotate View" function under the "View" option to comfortably enjoy the newsletter.


We're adding more issues as time allows.  If you have an old VSJ issue that is not currently in our library, please share it with us so we can scan it into our archives.


Special thanks to WPCC Historian Al Friend for sharing his VSJ collection with us.


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